Candidate Introduction

TalkingCV is a revolutionary new way for candidates to present themselves to potential employers, by creating three-dimensional Personal Profiles that consist of video, audio and text.

In essence, TalkingCV is a video interview that gives recruiters and potential employers a sound bite of who you really are. Using an Internet-enabled PC with webcam, you can record a structured video interview that brings to life your previously one-dimensional text-based CV.

With the ability to view the interview answers and re-record where necessary, you can make sure that your TalkingCV portrays your skills and attributes to their maximum potential.

In an increasingly competitive job market a TalkingCV will make you stand out from the crowd!  To find out more see the demo, or go direct to record your TalkingCV.

Candidate Benefits

Demonstrate your personality, experience, communication and language skills far better than you can do on paper, with TalkingCV.

Using our dynamic software solution, you can give yourself a competitive edge over rival candidates and get in front of more employers – anywhere in the world!

Our efficient system ensures that once submitted, your TalkingCV can easily be shared amongst colleagues within the same organization, with recruiters and potential employers provided with a sound bite of who you really are for future use.

TalkingCV saves employers time and they will appreciate it!

Once you receive your unique URL link you can then go to MyTalkingCV and update your skills as and when required.

To find out more see the Homepage demo, or record your TalkingCV now.

The Process

Using an Internet-enabled PC with webcam, you can create your own TalkingCV.

Firstly, you will be given the opportunity to record a practice answer, before undertaking the final interview questions.  The questions asked can be selected at the beginning and have been designed so they have relevance to different positions and sectors.

You will be asked to upload your electronic text based CV, which will appear on the right hand side of the final publication.  Any recording you make can be re-recorded before going to the next question or completing the interview.

Once you have completed your TalkingCV and are happy with the recording, your publication will be allocated a unique URL that you can then send to any Job Board or Recruiter.

To obtain your unique URL link you will be transferred to our secure payment site. If for any reason you are unhappy with your recording you can simply cancel out and abort the interview without any financial commitment.

To find out more see the demo, or go direct to record your TalkingCV.


TalkingCV is a hosted service delivered over the Internet.

Once you have recorded your own personal TalkingCV, you will receive an email with a unique URL. This URL can then be forwarded to potential employers via email allowing them to meet you at their convenience. As only the link is sent via email, there is no problem with it being rejected by a company’s corporate firewall due to the size or content. In addition most job board registrations allow for candidates to attach a URL to their individual profile, allowing any potential employer who queries the database of candidates, to click on the link and see your personalised TalkingCV.

To find out more see the demo, or go direct to record your TalkingCV.