Corporate Introduction

With enhanced reporting, analysis, monitoring and controls our efficient TalkingCV software ensures maximum productivity for your business.

Structured in a way so that one candidate can be shared with a variety of departments for independent evaluation, you will improve your interview to placement ratio.

Our stringent monitoring and control systems ensure that candidates don’t cheat, even when remotely recording, ensuring you can have confidence in the interview and evaluation process throughout.

Evaluation & Reporting

TalkingCV provides you with the ability to assess and report on Candidate interview performance, with questions weighted and categorised for later assignment to a relevant Evaluator.

Evaluators are automatically assigned the questions from a Candidate’s interview that are relevant to their skill sets. Having viewed the video answers provided, they can select from a pre-defined list of evaluation options, which together with the weighted question setting, attribute a ‘score’ to the Candidate.

Once all the questions for the Candidate interviews have been reviewed, the resulting Candidate score is graphically portrayed and assessed against the expected and achieved average for the interview.

Our evaluator analysis allows you to check that the evaluation process is complete and fair, as well as providing evaluator weighting based on past scoring history.

Proctoring, Process Control & API

Our TalkingCV workflow management system allows you to monitor the exact stage of the recruitment process each candidate has reached. With Dashboard reporting providing easy analysis of this information from a variety of angles.

With the availability of technology like TalkingCV to enable the Candidate to undertake interviews remotely, it is important that necessary controls are implemented to ensure an equal playing field. Our in build Proctoring records all activity of a Candidate throughout the interview process not just during the recorded interview. A Candidate Activity Log provides an audit trail of activities by the Candidate during their interview.

The TalkingCV API enables seamless two-way integration with your ATS or CRM too, ensuring an efficient process throughout.

3D Studio

Using the technology that forms the backbone of the TalkingCV product, 3D Studio allows you to configure your own 3 dimensional profiles.

Used for any type of publication, including TalkingJob, TalkingHelp and TalkingPublication, these 3D Profiles allow for enhanced publications to be manually produced linking Text, Video and Audio. We provide an environment to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and deliver a consistent message.