Recruiter Introduction

Time is the most precious commodity we have. With hours wasted by managers and personnel staff interviewing inappropriate candidates Recruiters need to find a way to screen local, national or international candidates effectively and cost-efficiently.

TalkingCV is a revolutionary 3 Dimensional Personal Profile consisting of video, audio and text. In essence a video interview.

Using an Internet-enabled PC with webcam candidates can record a structured video interview. You define the pre-set questions and each candidate is given the same time in which to answer them. Each video interview is then allocated its own unique URL link meaning you are able to share publications with clients and members of your recruitment panel – anytime – anywhere.


Candidate Benefits

Our innovative software provides a cost-saving and eco-friendly way to conduct first stage interviews.

With TalkingCV, you have the ability to profile candidates, regardless of their location. It’s not just the reduction in travel and accommodation costs that will benefit you, but the multi-viewing at your own convenience! This allows you to  involve key people within the short-listing process – anytime – anywhere.

As well as being able to provide decision makers with a clear picture of candidates’ personalities, communication skills and other vital attributes, you’ll have a stored record of potential candidates that can be shared with colleagues and clients at a later date.



Equal Opportunities

TalkingCV provides all candidates with an equal opportunity through using our standardised interview process.

All candidates are asked the same questions and given the same opportunity to answer them.

In the event of an unfair opportunity claim being made against you, TalkingCV will be invaluable as the stored interviews provide supporting evidence for your selection decision.


The Recruiter version of TalkingCV follows the following simple process:-

-The Recruiter determines the interview questions to be asked

-Having already viewed the candidates paper CVs, the Recruiter then invites their selected Candidates to answer the pre-defined video interview questions

-Each Candidate receives an email inviting them to undertake their video interview, which contains a unique URL link to the website, as well as their interview reference and necessary access details

-From any Internet-enabled PC with a Webcam the Candidate can undertake the interview using the details provided – anywhere – and at any time of day

-On completion of the interview an email is sent to the Recruiter informing them that the Candidate has completed the interview, and included in the email is the unique URL link to the Candidate’s TalkingCV

The Recruiter is then able to share the selected candidate interviews with members of his team and company decision makers and the selection process begins.